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When Carol and Ed Kieser first decided to remodel their West Hampton, NY, home’s kitchen, they knew that it would be a hassle, and an inconvenience to their family.  However, now that it’s completed, they are not only surprised at what a pleasant experience it was but also are extremely pleased with the results.


Remodeling their kitchen wasn’t the first remodeling project the Kieser’s had done.  When Carol first began looking for an experienced area remodeling company she found some local advertisements in magazines in area grocery stores. Since her daughter is disabled, she took special interest in companies that had experience in doing work for homes with disabled family members. Chris Donovan Remodelers, In Shirley, NY, was one of the companies that sparked her interest. “I researched several companies, one of them being Chris Donovan Remodelers". The Owner, Ned Bowen, came over and showed her many examples of the work they had done. I felt that I could trust them and from what I. The kitchen is now one of four remodeling projects that Chris Donovan Remodelers has done for the Kieser family.

According to Ned, the existing kitchen was older; “from the soffit on top of the old cabinets, to the door protruding into valuable kitchen space, to the short wall which took up space, light and function, we knew that the Keiser’s weren’t asking for a miracle—just a more functional kitchen, with quality cabinets, granite countertops, and at a very reasonable price,” Ned said.


The most important aspect in a remodeling project, according to the team at Chris Donovan Remodelers, is delivering a quality job, in a professional manner, with top-quality products. In order to do this, Ned said that it immediately became apparent that they had to gut the kitchen down to its bear studs and start from scratch.

“We always feel that to do a kitchen remodel project, or bathroom correctly, you need to start with new insulation and new sheet rock; thereby giving our clients a more affordable and energy-saving home, as well as not just continuing to go over old paint and marks and dents in the walls and ceilings left over the years, which will only mask the existing problems,” Ned said.


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One of the more glaring facts in kitchens constructed in the 1970s and 80s is the fact that everyone seemed to like the large soffit overhangs above the cabinets. Whereas now, most people want bigger cabinets, as well as having the cabinets finished at the top with some nice crown molding. Getting rid of the soffit, which is what the Kieser’s wanted, allows for the kitchen to open up and provide some life and detail into the project.

The team at Chris Donovan Remodelers removed the soffit and gutted the kitchen down to bear studs. Then sheet rocked, taped, spackled, painted, and then installed a nice, lighter-colored wood cabinet. “If a kitchen isn’t overwhelmingly large to begin with some changes can be made to make best use of the space. A kitchen should be warm, cozy, and inviting—and this is the outcome we wanted to achieve,” Ned said. Additionally, they removed the uninviting wall, which ran from the ceiling to the floor and protruded out nearly 30 inches. It blocked most of the light, so this really helped achieve their goal.

After they removed the wall, they added a pocket door—which slides between the wall—so it doesn’t protrude into any space in the kitchen and helps with the flow and functionality of the kitchen.

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According to Ned, the best way to provide a warm feeling in a smaller room is always to go with light colors, which attract and brighten up everything in the room. So by painting the room with a lighter color (from canary yellow, to a light beige), and by going with a more natural wood color in the cabinets, “we were able to accomplish our goal of making this kitchen much more inviting,” Ned said. To complete the area, a darker granite countertop was chosen and a unique back splash in multiple shads of grey and brown.

In order to provide more cabinet space, Chris Donovan Remodelers relocated the sink from the middle of the countertop to the corner of the counter where many people just don’t use all that much because of the difficulty to retrieve items so far away from the outside of the cabinets. “This allowed us more cabinet space and made room for the dishwasher and more drawer space, which was a must-have for the family,” Ned said. The cabinets for this remodeling project were by Design Pro Kitchens and Baths of Holbrook, NY, and the Kieser’s love the extra storage and design that the team at Chris Donovan Remodelers and Design Pro created.

The last aspect that was added included an overhang to the island’s countertop. “This is a small feature, but is so important to the function of the kitchen,” Ned said. “This is such a sweet and pleasant feature that often goes unnoticed in most kitchens, but provides so much use to most clients—how many times do we just grab a cereal bowl in the morning and go, or simply sitdown close to a family member while one person is cooking to talk? We feel this a very important addition to a kitchen.”  


The Kieser’s love what Chris Donovan Remodelers did, and they are now able to be in their kitchen with more than two people at a time cooking, eating, and just enjoying their kitchen. “They now have a kitchen that allows them to entertain more, cook more, and just enjoy spending time together in their new kitchen,” Ned said.

According to Carol, remodeling her kitchen was a great experience. “They were very clean about it; they cleaned up everyday and put up plastic sheets to keep the dust contained. And the way they didit—with installing the sink first, so we weren’t hassled by constantly using a bathroom sink—worked very well and it was very well planned out. Most importantly,I am very happy with my remodeled kitchen. They [Chris Donovan Remodelers] do fantastic work.”


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