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Have you caught the “Bug” yet?  The “bug” is referred to as the appeal that ponds and water gardens generate within each of us.   Imagine falling asleep to the soothing sounds of your own babbling brook, or gentle flow of your own waterfall and you’ll begin to understand what a difference a water garden can do in your life.  Your home can transform into an environment of tranquility, which incorporates Mother Nature, making it more special for you and your family. Being the most attractive house on the block doesn’t hurt either.

Complete pond kit from Aquascapes Installed for only $6995.

  • Pond 11´ x 16´ (2500 gallons of water) with a 10´ stream, 2´ high waterfall.
  • Pond Kit (filter, biofalls, all piping, liner, underlayment, biofalls rocks, matts, pump,)
  • All rocks that you see in the pictures to fully enclose the ponds liner and plumbing.
  • 2 water plants, 10 fish
  • 10 flowers/plants (to be selected by homeowner from contactors list) to be arranged around the pond.










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Built by: Wingman Planning